Mizuno Accounting Firm -Japanese tax return service for foreigners-


Certified Public Accountant &
Certified Tax Accountant
Director: Kumiko MIZUNO


Went to work in a casualty insurance company after graduating from university. and became their first female sales person in western Japan.
Worked with sales agents for banks and car dealers etc for five and half years.
Went to Canada for eights months to study English after leaving the company.
Returned home and studied accounting.
In 1991, passed second C.P.A. examination.
Joined "Aoyama Price Waterhouse (now P.W.C.) and assisted their auditing.
In 1995, left Aoyama Price Waterhouse then passed third C.P.A examination Registered as C.P.A. and set up an independent accounting office.
Clients are mainly local subsidiaries and affiliates of foreign companies.
Born on March 19, 1960.
Graduated from Kyoto University, Economics Department.

Welcome to Mizuno Accounting Firm

At Mizuno Accounting Firm, we provide accounting services for foreigners living in Japan who need to file an individual Japanese tax return for their salary income.
Even if your salary is paid overseas, you may have to declare your taxable income and file a tax return.
We have supported many expats and foreigners since we set up our firm in 1995.
Please contact us by clicking on INQUIRY and we will send a fee estimation.
You may be entitled to a tax refund from Japan for a number of reasons including that you worked there for more than one year, you're married or you have dependents..etc..
You may have also paid into a pension plan fund in Japan, and once you leave the country, we can obtain a refund for you as well.
Preparing a tax return can be confusing and complicated if you're not familiar with the process. Our tax professionals help you skip the paper-pushing and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

What's the Process?

  1. 1. Contact us, using the inquiry and questionnaire sheet.
  2. 2. An Estimate will be sent and if you agree, read the instructions and prepare the necessary information.
  3. 3. Send information and copies, or scans, of documents.
  4. 4. After preparation your tax return will be sent to you, for your review and signature.
  5. 5. You can either submit the return to the tax office by following our instructions, or we can submit it for you online using E-tax.
  6. 6. If tax has to be paid, a payment slip - which will be enclosed -must be used.
  7. 7. Our invoice will be sent at the same time. Your prompt payment will be appreciated.